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X is heading to Europe - thanks again Pearl Jam!

It's true! X is "crossing the pond" to tour Europe - What can we say - South America rocked, the fans were great,  the places were exotic and PJ is amazing! We are ecstatic to be invited out again!

The quick version of the tour... UK - NETHERLANDS - BELGIUM - FRANCE - CZECH REPUBLIC - GERMANY - SWEDEN - NORWAY - DENMARK.  See the full Europe Show Schedule - here.


So..."Will X ever tour Europe on their own?"

Gang - we are asked this A LOT here and on Facebook.  X would love to tour more in Europe. We've tried to get back there over the years, but it has never worked out.  Last October, we made it all the way to Boston, but when the water came up to the van's windows..Exene made us turn around.  [HA!]

In reality it starts with you! Your local promoter has to believe people will come to the show for them to make us an offer. We are guests, we have to be invited. So if you want to see X on their own, start making some noise! Tell your local promoter that you really want to see X and that you have friends that want to see X. Then you have to show up of course! That's really all there is to it. We hope to see you all on this tour!