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This whole thing started again with an In-Store.....

Actually we don't have the exact date of that infamous Tower Records Sunset signing in "Winter 1997", but we do know when our next in-store is - May 11 in Portland! Our friends at Jackpot Records in Portland Oregon asked if we'd stop by before our show at Crystal Ballroom and say hello, - maybe sign a few things...

"Sure, thanks for asking us and CONGRATULATIONS on your 15 Year Anniversary! "

"It was in 1997 that Isaac Slusarenko decided to take his love of music to the people by opening the original Jackpot Records location in Southeast Portland."  We are not sure if it was "Winter 1997", but we like to think maybe it was.

With the music industry struggling to survive, both Jackpot Records (& friend Jackpot ! Recording)  are still thriving. They have both become cornerstones of the Portland music community and have helped spread the gospel of great sounds the world over.

We look forward to supporting Jackpot Records in-person and meeting some new people.  ~X~


X In-Store When:  6:30 pm - Friday May 11, 2012

Where: Jackpot Records Downtown location.   203 SW 9th Avenue - Portland, OR 97214  -  (503) 222-0990