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X-35..tomorrow - the poster series...NOW

[All posters, but 1 are here] X-35 Tour kicks off Friday...and marks 35 years since X became X. 

Here we are again...another tour. It feels like a small insurgent movement...not quite a full scale military exercise as it's really just the band, the crew & the vans. lol!  Still, there's a lot of nuts & bolts to handle before each run -not the least of which is connecting with talented people across the country to create each tour's poster series.

Art in all forms has always been a part of X since the beginning. We're happy that the 'ol inner-web gives us a way to reach out to the art community and has expanded our art program to -almost- every show.  The X-35 Tour Poster Series is starting to roll out and we're pretty excited to share them with you. HERE - RIGHT NOW - before you even get to the show!

A special thanks from the band to each and everyone of you artists for making us and the world look a little bit better  ~X~  

Notes: click 'permalink' to comment on posters & ...The X-35 Tour will be adding shows & posters throughout 2012. We'll let you know when we update this post via FB & Twitter