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Heading home from Texas...

The van is packed and we are heading home from Austin & Dallas. Texas was KICK-ASS! If you missed it - you lose, but the consolation prizeS... these show posters

AND 2 reviews from our night at the Granada courtesy of the Dallas News - thanks Robert for coming out! Click here to read..  

and.. Jam Magazine Online - Thanks David! Click here to read...

Be sure not to miss the shows coming up  with Dallas' own Reverand Horton Heat on the east coast & the Annual X-mas run on the west coast.

(To see the full X-35 Poster Series - click here.)

PS- To everyone on the East Coast, take care of each other and we'll see you next month. ~X~

X Los Angeles Tour : the posters

So....Sept 14th...Tour is right around the corner. Can you smell the ink? The Tshirts are being screened and the posters are being pulled as I type. If you wondered why you haven't seen the art guy in your neighborhood lately... well it's because X has assembled an unbeatable art force du jour!

That's right- artists from around the country have contributed to this tour's posters and here are some of the results. HERE - RIGHT NOW - before you even get to the show! Check em out...we think they do super work! Thanks gang for making us look good!

The 2011 X  Los Angeles Tour Poster Series is now complete! ~X~   (Note: click the poster for larger view & show. Artists websites listed below image if you want one for your very own)