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John Doe

We're Broadcasting Live from Seattle to Everywhere!

Our friends at KEXP in Seattle invited us over for an in-studio session when we come to town for the El Corazon shows.

[Hey Seattle - We're coming over Friday 12/20 & Saturday 12/21

John Doe and Exene will be performing LIVE on:  Saturday - Dec. 21, 2013  at 3:00 pm Pacific Time

 IN SEATTLE? Tune it to 90.3 FM

SOMEWHERE ELSE? Stream John and Exene LIVE at KEXP.ORG

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12.15.13 X at Mystic Theater -Artist: Scott Walker

X-MAS 2013 TOUR UPDATE: 12/15 Mystic Theater in Petaluma, CA (sold out - but here's Scott Walker's great poster for your enjoyment. more?). 12/19 Roseland Theater in Portland, OR (tickets available!).  12/20 & 12/21 El Corozon in Seattle, WA (tickets available!).

On the Road Again: We're out with Blondie

X USA ArticleThanks to Brian Mansfield & USA Today for writing about X today. First time with Blondie starts in a few hours in NH. Highlights from the article for you. For the full story, click here.

The No Principals Tour unites two very different flavors of 1980s new wave.

Back during punk's first generation, X and Blondie may have shared some fans, but the two groups never toured together. For one thing, they came from different scenes: Blondie from CBGB-dominated New York and X from the hardcore-oriented Los Angeles. Now, though, the groups are setting out on a month-long tour together, beginning Thursday in Hampton Beach, N.H., and ending Oct. 4 at New York's Roseland Ballroom. "I think there's a lot of respect" between the group's members, says X bassist John Doe. "We are kind of the last bands standing, and X is still all the original members. We're all healthy. Maybe Blondie was a little more pop, a little more listener-friendly, weren't quite as scary."

They're having much more fun. At the group's commercial peak, when videos for Hungry Wolf and The New World got play on MTV, X toured on a bus, followed by a semi truck carrying lighting and sound equipment. Today's tours are "simpler, smarter, less hijinks, less substance abuse," says Doe, with just a couple vans. Over the years, the group's four original members — Doe, ex-wife Exene Cervenka, guitarist Billy Zoom and drummer D.J. Bonebrake — have "settled all their stuff, all their inter-political band business. There's very little friction, and it's good. There's something to be said for the craziness of hard living and hard drinking. You get some kind of off-balance and crazy performance. We put in solid performances, with moments of craziness."

The house they called home. The group played its first gig in 1977, at the Los Angeles house were Doe and Cervenka lived. "It was an old house that got torn down that was too beautiful and was in the way of a parking lot," Cervenka says. "We played on the floor in the living room. Everybody was drunk and wild and we had a great time. I remember feeling relieved it was over, because I'd never sung to anybody before except at a practice."

The Ritz is a mess. Zoom recalls, but claims no responsibility for, an '80s show at New York rock club The Ritz where members of the group and crew got a little out of hand afterwards. "I think our lighting director and Exene got in a food fight in the back room at the Ritz," says the guitarist. "The large Italian man in the suit, with the gun, made them clean it up. And made Exene get down on her hands and knees and pick up the macaroni salad up off the floor. But I wasn't involved in that. I was somewhere else.... "

"This week, Rhino Entertainment released The X Collection: 1980-1987, a digital set compiling X's first six albums. Those albums, plus the 1988 set Live at the Whisky A Go Go, are now available digitally for the first time. A new limited-edition vinyl set of the first four albums — Los Angeles, Wild Gift, Under the Big Black Sun and More Fun in the New World — also includes a booklet written by the late Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek, who co-produced the albums...."

For the full story, click here. 

John Doe ...on X @ 35

HOLY SHIT ! ! Thirty-five years of punk rock is shocking ! ! It’s not like that’s all we’ve done but there have only been a few short breaks in the rough & tumble action that started back in nineteen and seventy-seven. People everywhere want to know what is was like in Los Angeles in 1977 but honestly there is no way to re-create that feeling or time. All of LA was in a state of decay & disrepair. The second ‘O’ on the HOLLYWOOD sign had fallen down. Venice was filled w/ burned out Viet Nam vets & hippie drug casualties, the canals were fetid swamps but along side all that were the greatest thrift stores imaginable. Farrah Fawcett was the poster girl. There was still a restaurant in the shape of a brown derby hat.  Hollywood Blvd. hosted all the rest of the rejects, drug addicts & people on the make, (at least that has remained the same).

The pieces of the punk rock chronicles that I’ve read play fast & loose w/ the facts & only sensationalize events that we all thought were cool & meaningful. It definitely was a time where the possibilities seemed endless, everyone involved made a contribution & in retrospect was a beautifully naïve era. Few of us thought it would last more than a couple of years & in a way we were right.

By the time Black Flag recorded Wasted in 1978 things had already started to change. “Hardcore” was rearing it’s ugly head. The violence became more real, people developed real addictions, became junkies & died rather than the teenage/mid-twenty angst that it all began w/. Everyone who has survived should take just a small measure of pride in being part of a scene that still carries influence. Maybe we should make a t-shirt that reads; “I survived the LA punk rock scene”.

One thing I know is that we, in the band X, are incredibly grateful that we’re still here, able to play loud & fast, make a living at something we love & still do well, get to tour the world in support of Pearl Jam, play the Hollywood Park Race Track, put our hands in cement on Sunset Blvd., maybe even have our t-shirt worn by the villain of a big time movie, and the list will, hopefully, go on & on & on.



JD (I hope the rest of the band agrees)


Note: X is currently touring Europe with friends Pearl Jam. Amsterdam today and then on to Rock Wertcher 2012 and... More shows are being added throughout Fall 2012. details coming soon on shows page.

Heading north for Xmas...

Xmas isn't over...

We are in the vans today and heading to..Crystal Palace in Bakersfield (12/28) Harlows in Sacramento (12/29) and then Slims in SF (12/30 & 31)(the Xmas poster series is now complete. Thank you to the artists- amazing work guys & gal! click here)

Last week or so, Exene talked with Lory Gil about South America, Pearl Jam, Xmas and's the interview for you.

and John looks back on 2011 and forward to 2012 with Matt Munoz... click here.

Hope to see you soon, thank you for a great 2011 and Happy New Years all! ~X~