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DJ Bonebrake

Record Store Day 4/21 - for the love of independents

Today is the 5th Record Store Day. A day to celebrate the independently owned record store and supporting the commitment to keeping the vinyl market alive. You meet some of the nicest people in record stores. Here's DJ at one of his favorite's - Amoeba. [youtube]

From the people behind Record Store Day: "If you're in a store today, find a staff member, tell them what the store means to you. It will mean the world to them. We started all this to shine a spotlight on the stores, don't take yours for granted." Thanks for your support! ~X-35~


...and in Argentina

Last night we played Argentina... can't really explain how amazing it was. DJ had a pretty good night.

Seriously - check Mike McCready's tumblr -seeing is believing...mostly.

thanks Mike!  thanks Argentina!

Love ~X~