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Billy Zoom

Billy Zoom's picks...say "cheese"!

If you've ever seen X live-  you may have noticed that Billy Zoom has a unique ritual at the end of the show. He takes photos of the people who just spent the night with X. He has thousands of pics of hundreds of shows. Q. What’s the best part of hitting the stage with X?

"Meeting the audience. I think they put on a much better show than we do."  - Billy Zoom

So - you may be immortalized in Mr. Zoom's private collection. Now if you ask "Remember me?  I was at <fill in club name> in <fill in year>. He will ...well maybe not.

Thanks to everyone for coming out! Here are some of Billy's picks on Facebook for your enjoyment & if you see yourself feel free to tag!

NOTE: Both X Facebook Accounts have Billy's Picks- here's the other