Record Store Day 4/21 - for the love of independents

Today is the 5th Record Store Day. A day to celebrate the independently owned record store and supporting the commitment to keeping the vinyl market alive. You meet some of the nicest people in record stores. Here's DJ at one of his favorite's - Amoeba. [youtube]

From the people behind Record Store Day: "If you're in a store today, find a staff member, tell them what the store means to you. It will mean the world to them. We started all this to shine a spotlight on the stores, don't take yours for granted." Thanks for your support! ~X-35~


X - 35 tour

X-35! We're still here, are you with us? May 4 Belly Up Solana Beach CA May 5 Greek Los Angeles CA (w/Los Lobos and Mariachi El Bronx) May 6 Blacklake Golf Resort Nipomo CA (w/Los Lobos and Mariachi El Bronx) May 8 Blank Club San Jose CA May 9 Sweetwater Music Hall Mill Valley CA May 11 Crystal Ballroom Portland OR May 12 Showbox Seattle WA

we're giving some shirts to our friends...

[UPDATE: The box of shirts is now gone! Thanks to everyone who gave this shirt a new home and for the support.] In 2006, X went on tour with Rollins Band and to commemorate the tour Shepard Fairey made one of our all-time favorite X designs.

We found a box of these girl shirts and we want to say thanks by giving 1 shirt away in each merch order that asks for one until the shirts are all gone.

(also thanks to the guys at Moonlight Graham for helping out & re-programming the store.)

This design is too good to sit in a box! For everyone who bought a poster or shirt from that tour - congrats it rocks & you have good taste.

PS- Thanks again to Sheperd Fairey - amazing artist and friend.  ~X~

click here to visit the store.

X is heading to Europe - thanks again Pearl Jam!

It's true! X is "crossing the pond" to tour Europe - What can we say - South America rocked, the fans were great,  the places were exotic and PJ is amazing! We are ecstatic to be invited out again!

The quick version of the tour... UK - NETHERLANDS - BELGIUM - FRANCE - CZECH REPUBLIC - GERMANY - SWEDEN - NORWAY - DENMARK.  See the full Europe Show Schedule - here.


So..."Will X ever tour Europe on their own?"

Gang - we are asked this A LOT here and on Facebook.  X would love to tour more in Europe. We've tried to get back there over the years, but it has never worked out.  Last October, we made it all the way to Boston, but when the water came up to the van's windows..Exene made us turn around.  [HA!]

In reality it starts with you! Your local promoter has to believe people will come to the show for them to make us an offer. We are guests, we have to be invited. So if you want to see X on their own, start making some noise! Tell your local promoter that you really want to see X and that you have friends that want to see X. Then you have to show up of course! That's really all there is to it. We hope to see you all on this tour!

Heading north for Xmas...

Xmas isn't over...

We are in the vans today and heading to..Crystal Palace in Bakersfield (12/28) Harlows in Sacramento (12/29) and then Slims in SF (12/30 & 31)(the Xmas poster series is now complete. Thank you to the artists- amazing work guys & gal! click here)

Last week or so, Exene talked with Lory Gil about South America, Pearl Jam, Xmas and's the interview for you.

and John looks back on 2011 and forward to 2012 with Matt Munoz... click here.

Hope to see you soon, thank you for a great 2011 and Happy New Years all! ~X~

X~Mas 2011 Rock N Roll Revival posters are here...can we get an AMEN?

It's that time of year again....we're back from South America and we're happy to play for the home crowd. Another batch of really talented people have lent a hand in making us look good. We are rather fond of their work and would encourage you to check out some of their other work as well.

We do appreciate you all and please enjoy each other people. The world could use a little more of that.

Merry X-Mas All!  ~X~

The 2011 X mas  Poster Series is now complete! ~X~  (click the poster to view slide show. posters are available at shows..or from the artists - websites listed below image. To comment on a poster- click image "permalink")

X~mas 2011 are GO!

YES X~Mas is here!  

This year  we're bringing a few friends we hope you'll really like.  (Remember to get there early, so you don't miss these guys and gal!  )   ~X~






ARIZONA : 12/9 FRI Club Red,Tempe | 12/10 SAT Fox Theatre, Tucson

NEVADA: 12/11 SUN House of Blues Las Vegas

CALIFORNIA: 12/14 Coach House(SOLD OUT) | 12/15 THU Canyon Club, Agoura Hills | 12/16 GV30(SOLD OUT)   then...

More CALIFORNIA: 12/28 WED Buck Owens Crystal Palace, Bakersfield | 12/29 THU Harlow's, Sacramento  |  12/30 FRI & 12/31 SAT Slims, San Francisco

...and in Argentina

Last night we played Argentina... can't really explain how amazing it was. DJ had a pretty good night.

Seriously - check Mike McCready's tumblr -seeing is believing...mostly.

thanks Mike!  thanks Argentina!

Love ~X~

Hi from South America

First show in South America...ever - courtesy of Pearl Jam. Surreal. People are great and Billy's pics are just a little different than the Los Angeles Tour.

And load-in is a little more intense. HA!

We'd send you a postcard but ...Exene only brought so many.  Maybe some of our tourist pics instead.. ?  

Home soon. Love ~X~ (aka The X Band in SA)

PS- Here's a bit of what they're saying about X (at least it's what google says it says.)

"Punk rock de X é bem recebido pelos fãs de Pearl Jam em SP.   Betting on a no-frills punk rock, Californians warmed the audience with their songs fast and angry.  Little known by the Brazilian public, the group was personally invited to open the South American tour of Pearl Jam. Formed in 1977 in Los Angeles by John Doe, Exene Cervenka, Billy Zoom and D. J. Bonebrake, the quartet is one of the leading bands of the scene in California still active, being idolized by none other than Eddie Vedder." - 

Exene on...the los angeles tour, the posters...

"thank you everyone who came out to the shows and those we'll see soon in pensacola and new orleans.

this is a really fun tour, very exciting! love the energy that we are all making together.

and a thank you to the artists who made the posters for each and every city. they are all so good. i tried to get one every night, but sometimes they were gone too fast!" (The final two posters of the los angeles tour are here - we'll make sure exene gets them)

"soon x is leaving for south america, costa rica, and mexico. playing with pearl jam is already thrilling, and to be able to see the world too?!

sometimes you feel like things are too tough and they sure are these days. and sometimes you feel like life is great, and you realize how lucky you are. x is surrounded with compassionate, strong, truly good people."

love exene and x


Billy Zoom's picks...say "cheese"!

If you've ever seen X live-  you may have noticed that Billy Zoom has a unique ritual at the end of the show. He takes photos of the people who just spent the night with X. He has thousands of pics of hundreds of shows. Q. What’s the best part of hitting the stage with X?

"Meeting the audience. I think they put on a much better show than we do."  - Billy Zoom

So - you may be immortalized in Mr. Zoom's private collection. Now if you ask "Remember me?  I was at <fill in club name> in <fill in year>. He will ...well maybe not.

Thanks to everyone for coming out! Here are some of Billy's picks on Facebook for your enjoyment & if you see yourself feel free to tag!

NOTE: Both X Facebook Accounts have Billy's Picks- here's the other

Los Angeles Tour 2011-NOW! X Merch-NOW!

The Los Angeles Tour kicks off tomorrow at Riot Fest East in Philly  and then Stone Pony at the Jersey Shore Sunday! For the first time, we have a band cam and as soon as we figure out how to use it – we’ll be checking in from the road. Stay tuned!

Last but not least - the X Merch Store is finally up for your enjoyment. X will give you (ok not give -but for a reasonable price) the shirts off our backs! Thanks to our friends and Exene’s neighbors at Moonlight Graham for helping us out with the store – you guys rock!

X Los Angeles Tour : the posters

So....Sept 14th...Tour is right around the corner. Can you smell the ink? The Tshirts are being screened and the posters are being pulled as I type. If you wondered why you haven't seen the art guy in your neighborhood lately... well it's because X has assembled an unbeatable art force du jour!

That's right- artists from around the country have contributed to this tour's posters and here are some of the results. HERE - RIGHT NOW - before you even get to the show! Check em out...we think they do super work! Thanks gang for making us look good!

The 2011 X  Los Angeles Tour Poster Series is now complete! ~X~   (Note: click the poster for larger view & show. Artists websites listed below image if you want one for your very own)

a taste...


we're coming over...The Los Angeles Tour 2011

the Los Angeles tour  celebrates the 31st Anniversary of the album that began X's career, and defined an entire musical genre. Coincidentally, the rights to the film by long-time friend Bill Morgan - X: The Unheard Music had recently been returned to him. The band wanted to mark not only their debut album , but also to share this remarkable film as a sort of place holder. It reminds you of what the context was for the band and the city at that time. The show begins with the screening of X: The Unheard Music followed  by the band performing  the Los Angeles  album in its entirety, followed by the band performing another approx. 45 mins of material from their other albums.

This program was first performed Holiday 2010 and the response was such that the band decided to roll it out nationally. A lot of people were seeing  X: The Unheard Music for the first time (and some for the 20th time), and then to hear the band play's hard to explain but it was magic. The band encourages the audience to interact with the movie as it screens, it’s meant to be played loud! 

The most repeated comment after the shows was that X sounds as good or better than they did then. The film was shot  between 1980 and 1985.

The highlight from last year's West Coast tour was undoubtedly Ray Manzarek (of Doors fame and producer of the band's first four records) surprising fans by joining X on stage at Slim's in San Francisco for two very special performances. Were you there? 

the Los Angeles tour starts again in September and we hope to see you. For tour details, click here.