Here's the link to kickstarter & Here’s the story… In November of 2011, X was fortunate to be touring Latin America as the opening band for Pearl Jam’s South America Tour. What a life-changing and mind-altering experience it was! Our first show was in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We had no idea what the crowds would think of us, and we were really surprised when we started playing that first show.

PJ’s devoted fans were so welcoming and enthusiastic! We were playing stadiums, and sometimes it felt like a club. The early punk days in Los Angeles (and really, all the scenes in the U.S.) were about intensity as much as music. No barriers between band and people in the crowd. It was wild!  

And on Thanksgiving, in Mexico City, playing and singing Los Angeles, while earthquakes rattled the Foro Sol Stadium stage, it felt that same way. We had that “this is crazy, this is only going to happen once so remember it and enjoy it” feeling. While we toured in South America, Costa Rica, and Mexico, another fortunate thing happened. Pearl Jam’s sound engineer recorded all our shows, and gave us these incredible, professional recordings to use.

But we didn’t know what to do with the recordings! We didn’t want to give them to a record label, or license the songs, we didn’t even know if we could. We were apprehensive the songs would just disappear into somebody’s pocket and never be heard from again. (We’ve had a few bad experiences…)

One day a friend suggested we release the tracks via Kickstarter. We just needed someone great and amazing to mix the songs….  

We asked Rob Schnapf (Beck, Fidlar, Booker T., Elliot Smith) if he would produce, engineer and mix these for us. When he said yes, we decided to give this a go!! 

Thank you for staying with us the last 40 years! And thank you for funding our project. If we surpass our goal (which includes mixing & engineering, making & manufacturing rewards, and shipping & handling) we will use the money to keep our 2 vans running and keep ourselves touring. Maybe even get some matching outfits tailor-made…. Gotta come up with something special for the 41st year!!